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MCG is the most customized way of engaging with us. We provide consulting across various verticals. Our experts and analyst work together to bring your thoughts into a solution. We provide complete value chain analysis across various verticals and various levels along with implementation of projects. MCG has been helping companies convert information into actionable intelligence through holistic research and analysis. Whether you need to improve your marketing performance, introduce a new product, or enter a new market, our ability to synthesize multi-dimensional data allows us to provide broader, richer and more meaningful insights for confident decision-making. Our consulting services are spread across complete value chain which includes pre-feasibility, bid-processing till final project closure. Our team is specialized in project management and our consulting services are spread across various verticals and these includes.

Market Entry Strategy


Our market entry advisory solutions help clients review macro and micro economic environments, identify potential barriers to market entry, compare competitor offerings with available alternatives, and build robust route-to-market strategies.

Competitive Benchmarking


Our Competitive Benchmarking Solution assist businesses in evaluating competitors’ market share analysis, financial performance, new product launches, and strategic initiatives. Our comparative market analysis helps business leaders to analyze the consumers’ response to price changes and fluctuations.

Product Development Strategy

MCG’s Product Research & Development solutions help you to new product launching. Our research team can help you to analyze the complete product development lifecycle, trade-offs, and gain insights on product-specific revenues to boost value proposition.

Due Diligence 


Cross-reference relevant market information obtained across multiple sources to ensure accuracy, while identifying potential investment opportunities

Company Analysis & Profiling

Leverage our experience to effectively summarize and analyze competitor business profiles, and identify areas that need immediate attention and improvement

Demand Management Strategy

Our demand management solutions can help companies to predicting, planning, and analyzing the estimation of consumers’ demands. Our solutions can help businesses to keep their stakeholders informed and connected so that businesses decisions can be taken based on real-time information.

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Research Based Management Consulting

At MCG, we understand that everyone’s business challenges and needs are unique. That is why we can help simplify your plans by addressing your complete financial well-being and build a team around your needs and goals.

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