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Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Market- Trends, Opportunity & Forecast, 2027

Global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Market: Focus on Market Segmentation, By Component (Infrastructure (Charging Stations, Vertiports, Traffic Management), Platform (Air Taxi, Personal Air Vehicle, Cargo Air Vehicle, Air Ambulance)), By operation (Piloted and Autonomous), By Range (Intracity 20- 100 Kilometers and Intercity 100-400 Kilometer), By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America)- Analysis, Trends, Opportunity & Forecast, 2027  

Market Overview

Global Urban Air Mobility Market is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate over 12.5%   during the future timeline, 2020-2027. It is projected that the global urban air mobility market will reach over USD 13 billion by the end of 2027, according to the report published by Masterfox Consulting group (MCG).

UAM consists of automated air transportation services used for carrying cargos and passengers reach the destination in shortest period of time.  With growing urbanization, rising demand to beat traffic Urban Air mobility market promises a solution for ease of travel. Advancements in the battery capacity and autonomy of UAVs have highly propelled the growth of the Global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market. High cost of technology, high energy consumption, noise pollution, battery technology, Urban Air regulations are some of the challenges to slow down the growth of the market. However, with increasing innovations in this market there are electrical aircrafts for alternative options. Companies like Airbus, Boeing are investing heavily in electrical aircrafts to bring the next generation urban air mobility to passengers. Notable developments in Urban Air mobility market are Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft (SARA) developed by Sikorsky using the MATRIX technology. It offers a highly safe air transport in autonomous aircraft in a challenging environment. The aircraft functions by combining hardware and software components thus providing a great flying experience. It remarkably reduces the operating cost of the flight.


The Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market can be categorized on the basis of Range, Operation, Components and region.

By Range, the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market can be split into Intracity 20- 100 Kilometers and Intercity 100-400 Kilometer.

By Operation, the Urban Air Mobility market can segmented into Piloted and Autonomous. The autonomous segment is expected to lead the market during our forecasted period 2020-2027. Currently the market for autonomous air vehicles is smaller than the Pilot market. But their high quality sensor and proven human-free technology is expected to grow over the coming years. Moreover the eVTOLs are better suited for urban air transport for both cargo and passengers. It can be increasingly used for intercity transportation.

By Component, the UAM market can be segmented into Infrastructure and Platform. Infrastructure can be further split into Charging stations, Vertiports, Traffic Management. Platform can be further split into Air Taxi, Personal Air Vehicle, Cargo Air Vehicle, Air Ambulance. Platform market is expected to grow over the forecasted period of 2020-2027. As there in an increasing investments of eVTOLS manufacturers for air taxis, air ambulance, Personal Air Vehicle,and Cargo Air Vehicle.

By Region, the Urban air mobility market can segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America.

Regional analysis

Regionally, Europe and North America has been growing quickly in Global Air mobility market. The presence of aerospace giants like Boeing and Airspace and investments of many startups in this region is of the main reasons of growth. Moreover European governments flagship programme of European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) has sparked the interested of many European cities as many have become the part of Urban air mobility initiative. Under this campaign, companies with innovative urban mobility solutions are brought together and their solutions are showcased and supported to replicate the feasible ones at a bigger scale. The European governments have also drafted regulations for the Urban Air Mobility industry.Countries like Germany and France have heavily invested in the development and procurement of eVTOLS for commercial air transportation.

In North America, US is the pioneer in adopting UAM in transportation. US market is expected to grow fastest during our forecasted period of 2020-27.

In Latin America, city like Sao Paulo in Brazil have adopted UAM and is far ahead of most developed cities like New York and Tokyo. But high cost of technology remains a challenge in this region.

In Asia, Chinese company EHang is working on to improve the passenger experience and adding additional manual control in UAM. It has also partnered with Dubai Roads and Transport authority to introduce the EHang 184 into Dubai as part of its venture with test flights already completed. German company Volocopter also has entered into the Asian city Singapore for its next round of flight tests in UAM.

Competitor analysis

Key players in Global Urban air mobility market are Boeing,Aurora Flight Sciences, DeLorean Aerospace LLC, EHang, Kitty Hawk, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., A3 by Airbus (US), Volocopter and Neva Aerospace.

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